Helpful Words to Know and Use

  • Sustainable:
    practices which can be carried out indefinitely without causing irreversible damage or resource depletion
  • Ecologically-Sound:
    behaviors that are in line with natural processes and inflict minimal or no harm on the environment
  • Food System:
    a web of individuals, organizations, and other institutions that produce, process, and distribute food; the journey from seed to plate and back
  • Collective:
    owned and run by a group of people with a common goal
  • Healthy:
    taking conscious actions to strike a balance between mental, emotional, and biological well-being

Local Farmers' Market List


  • Saturday 10am-3pm
    Center Street and M.L.K jr. Way
  • Tuesday 2pm-7pm(Winter Hours 2-6pm)
    Derby Street and M.L.K jr. Way
  • Thursday 3pm-7pm(exclusively organic)
    Shattuck Ave and Rose Street


  • Friday 8am-2pm: Old Oakland Farmers' Market
    9th street, between Broadway and Clay St., Oakland
  • Saturday 9am-2pm: Oakland-Grand lake Farmers' Market
    Grand Ave and Lake Park Ave.
  • Saturday 9am-2pm: Phat Beets Produce Farmers' Market
    57th and Market St.
  • Sunday 9am-1pm: Temescal Farmers' Market
    5300 Claremont Ave.

The Ecology Center

The Berkeley Ecology Center promotes environmentally and socially responsible practices through programs that educate, demonstrate, and provide direct services. Want to learn about ways you can be kinder to the earth and others? Check out all the resources The Ecology Center has to offer!